I’ve always been a planner.

In fourth grade, my friends and I went through a phase where we gave “makeovers and massages” to our teachers during recess. While my friends’ primary focus was product application, I was more interested in creating a system for booking appointments. Granted, my system was a hand-written sheet of looseleaf, but it did allow us to keep track of our regular customers and maximize our daily bookings.

Today, my love for logistics and ability to account for details that my peers overlook is what makes me a great event planner.

But, I’m more than that.

At the root of who I am as a person is my ability to empathize and my overwhelming desire to help. I truly believe that’s what drew me to hospitality. My favorite thing in the world is solving clients’ problems before they can ask.

Today, I work for a rapidly growing hospitality company in NYC. I joined as an Event Manager in 2013 and broke new ground in 2017 as the company’s first Community Manager. Now I’m the area manager in charge of community programming and corporate events.